Client: Huramic Ltd
Address: Bridgnorth
Description: 5 Apartments On 3 Floors
Size: 424 m²


Client: Alfred Mcalpine Plc
Address: Pembrokeshire
Description: 186 Lodges
Size: Varies



Client: Classic Refurb Ltd
Address: Birmingham
Description: 12 Apartments On 3 Floors
Size: 861 m²


Client: Cranbourne Homes
Address: Newbury
Description: 2 Blocks Of 6 Apartments
Size: 1624 m²


Client: Cranbourne Homes
Address: Botley
Description: 5 Apartments On 3 Floors
Size: 287 m²


Client: Rydon Construction Ltd
Address: London
Description: 36 Apartments On 3 Floors
Size: 2877 m²


Client: Mynde Management Ltd
Address: Cardiff
Description: 26 Apartments Above Exg. Retail
Size: 1490 m²


Client: Oyster Homes Ltd
Address: Braintree
Description: 40 Apartments On 3 Floors
Size: 2954 m²


Client: Wyvern Homes Ltd
Address: Malvern
Description: 4 Apartments On 4 Floors
Size: 472 m²


Client: Millwood Designer Homes
Address: Westgate On Sea
Description: Individual Houses
Size: Varies


Client: Contractor-Phoenix Building Contracts Ltd. Architect-B & G Architects
Address: Harold Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham
Description: Student Accommodation
Size: 1150 m² (12,400 ft2) over 4-storeys
Timber Frame erecting time: 3 weeks



Client: Deancastle Developments Ltd.
Address: Drumbear Wood, Monaghan
Description: Houses/Apartments
Size: 132 Units


Client: Oyster Homes Ltd.
Address: Athlone
Description: Houses/Apartments
Size: 188 Units


Client: McCaughey Developments
Address: Hoeys Lane Dundalk
Description: Apartments


Client: LM Developments
Address: Dublin
Description: Apartments
Size: 646 Units


Client: LM Developments
Address: Santry
Description: Apartments



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