IJM"Having lived in San Francisco for a number of years, we were accustomed to living in a timber framed home. We were delighted to be able to purchase a timber frame house here in Ireland off IJM TimberFrame. The quality of the building is as good if not better than anything we saw in San Francisco, and we found IJM TimberFrame very obliging in every way to deal with."
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Daly, Co. Louth

"We are absolutely delighted with our IJM TimberFrame house from every aspect. So quick to build, so warm, so comfortable, no cracks, very cheap to heat, after already having a conventional house, if we ever change again it will be timber frame, also our builder deserves a lot of praise"
Peter Loughran, Co. Louth

"When we built our bungalow we wanted something that would look attractive and fit in with the natural surroundings. So our architect, Willie Hamilton designed what we felt was a lovely design. We considered that IJM TimberFrame to be the best equipped to manufacture and erect the timber frame element. The house is extremely warm and really doesn't cost much to heat."
Mr & Mrs. Mc Parland, Co. Louth

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